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August 17, 2022

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She’s got huuuuge tracks of land…….

ok its a huge sawhorse. I’m not sure why that just popped into my head…. If you don’t know what that is read no further and go watch Monty Python and the Holy Grail right now.

Got the first one stitched together. Going for 8 feet wide and the legs are 3 and a half feet long. Looks like ill clear the tires no problem to roll the pan out. I had planned to get two of them this far but I only got 4 metal brackets for some reason so ill have to pickup 4 more tomorrow. Once both are done ill brace it all up by putting 2×4 cross members from leg to leg and leg to top and likely glue/lag them if I put them on the face or glue/screw them if i put them on the inside. Was hoping to make more progress tonight but the garage was a disaster from engine pull and fuel tank pull so I just took some time to clean up the tools and all the parts that I’d taken off the bug.

body support

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August 17, 2022

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Someone at the samba suggested removing the steering column from inside the car to clerance the coupler so i could undo it with just removing the brackets. I couldn’t figure it out so proceeded to cut the rivits but here is a good explanation on how to do it for next time.

Here is the cage in question which I think is to big to fit up inside the car.

vw bug steering column cage

johneliot posted this in response to my problem in the samba forum

If you want to move the column towards the interior, you’ll need to take off the cage. That cage is vw’s safety feature. In a frontal crash it will collapse. That plate on the top is held on by two tangs. They are rubber covered. If you straighten them that plate will slide off the top of the cage. The cage should then fit into that hole in the “firewall”.


So for next time I’ll definitely try that method..

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August 17, 2022

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Well, i fooled around with it for a few hours and got it all loose but couldn’t get enough clearance to pull the coupler and brackets out.  I ended up using the body saw to cut the rivets on half of the bracket.  I would highly recommend this tool to anyone that doesn’t have one.  Its super fun and even my el cheapo from harbor freight @ $20 seemed to do a pretty fair job of a 3/4″ thick piece of metal.

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August 17, 2022

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Worked some more on the steering coupler today. I wasn’t able to drive out the rivets yet even though i ground off both sides of it. I likely fused the metal worse from the heat of grinding the ends off. I might try drilling them out tomorrow or if i can find that a new steering coupler is cheap enough I’m just going to cut it out with the body saw it would be so much easier to not try and save it.

While i was working on this i realized I had a pretty good view of the frame head and the rust contained there. This is the whole reason i need to get the body off the pan is to take a look at how bad this area is.

rust full

It looks a little worse than what i was expecting and its definatelly in the tunnel. I guess I’m this far I may as well continue heck I might actually learn something. I’m pretty sure that the new frame heads you can buy don’t go back that far……

rust zoom

more tomorrow…….

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August 17, 2022

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Picked up some 4×4 treated lumber and some brackets tonight for the sawhorses that will hold up the body when we remove it from the pan.

I wonder where I’m going to store these things once I’m done with them………


I was going to get started on uncoupling the steering coupler but I’m not sure how it is connected. I think the bug me video shows a bolt there but these look like some kind of pressed in fastener so i need to do some research before I can proceed. Going to post this pic on the samba and see what they have to say.

steering coupler

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