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August 17, 2022

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Got the pan rolled out into the driveway last night and took the shop vac to it.  Looks like everything is repairable.

Going to put in a 220 outlet today for a plasma cutter and welder I’m borrowing so I can get to work on the pan repairs.  Not much to it now that it’s apart and free of the body.  A Swift kick and it rolled right out of the garage.

vw bug pan in driveway

Notable finds were the lack of two lower bolts on the front beam mounts Yikes!

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August 17, 2022

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Last night I got the body off of the pan and onto the supports I built.  It went fairly well.  Now I can start working on the pan rust and framehead…

Rear on support

Rear on support

After getting the rear end up on the rear support which was the easiest part it was time to move on to the front of the car.

Front jacked up ready to set on the support

I had to support the car on several wood blocks to get it high enough to clear the support I built.  It felt like a serious don’t try this at home moment but went off without a hitch.

Body supported above pan

Finally success the body is supported above the pan.  If i had thought of it before I would have removed the shifter before i jacked the body off.  Now ill have to go under the body to remove the shifter to clear the rear wood support.

front beam rust damage

Above you can see the drivers side of the beam.  Its totally rotted the shock is just floating in mid air.  Yuck.
pan channel rust damage

Pan channels are kind of rusted but I think I can repair this rather than have to replace the entire pan.  This isn’t a high dollar restoration I’m just going for structurally sound and so it will last another 20 years with good care.

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August 17, 2022

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Body is off the pan, pics tomorrow!

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August 17, 2022

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Went to Flora Indiana today to run in a race (yes on foot) and there was a great hot rod show there along with the race activities. I took some pictures. Seeing a Ford GT in person was something else, wow nice car.

2007 Hog Jog car show pictures

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August 17, 2022

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Got more fasteners off the pan to body connection. They are very rusty so I’m taking my time and making sure to get them out when i can. I broke one off and some of the others in the front underside are just spinning in place so the body threaded part must be just gone.

So tonight i removed:

  • 7 pan bolts drivers side (1 broke off , 1 spins in place) total of 9
  • 7 pan bolts passenger side ( 2 spin in place) total of 9
  • 4 pan bolts interior under back seat

which leaves remaining:

  • 4 bolts that hold the body to the cross tube under back seat i missed these somehow
  • 2 large bolts underneath the front cross member.
  • clutch cable
  • battery area cables to the starter

Slowly but surely getting there. I lifted the body in front as a test and it does separate a bit so I dont think it will be a problem getting it loose once there rest of the fasteners are out of the way.

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