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August 17, 2022

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Flipped the pan up on it’s side last night and welded in the first patch underneath the frame head so there is a base to work from and down to on the topside of the hat section.


frame head rusted out


frame head lower patch

Some more pictures of the pan in its current state. Kind of neat having it flipped up on its side. It will make painting the underside really easy.

/ /

more tomorrow…..

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August 17, 2022

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ordered some parts tonight:

headlight rings, master cylinder, couple bus parts for single cab, brake lines, front firewall sheetmetal repair panel, j tubes, pan seal.

7-10 days…..

Going to try and have the pan done this weekend depending on what we get into around the house.

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Drove and picked up the new beam last night. It was an 8 hour round trip but the beam is in great shape. No rust at all. A total rarity for the midwest.

late model vw front beam

The below shock tower part of my old beam was totally gone from rust. This is the last major piece I needed to get the car back together. Now I just need to finish up the welding and it can go back together.

late model front beam shock tower

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August 17, 2022

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great post from glutamodo on thesamba i wanted to copy here for someday when I need it…

Yes, VW “worm and roller” steering boxes are in fact adjustable. One adjustment is on top of the box, that’s the “roller” adjustment, and is accessed under the driver’s side inspection plate under the spare tire in the trunk. The other adjustment (the “worm” adjusment) is at a 90° angle to the bottom/front of the top one and you can only get at that one from below the car. The top one is usually the only adjustment most people mess with. (jack the car up so the weight is off the front wheels, then loosen the locknut and tighten the adjuster down til the play in the steering wheel decreases, but not so far down that the steering wants to bind anywhere along it’s range of motion.) Now, the worm adjuster underneath, that one is a bit hard to get to and requires a special tool, a specially shaped wrench with like a 24mm Allen head on it (or, you can use an old engine oil pressure switch, cut down so you can fit it into the adjuster and turn it with a crescent wrench.)

Sometimes having a not-tight-enough clamp bolt on Pitman arm where it bolts to the steering box, that can cause play. (I’ve seen it before) And any tie rod ends that are worn will cause play. On later cars, worn ball joints may do so as well, but not always. (On older models, loose Link pin adjustment, worn out link pin bushings and king pins+bushings can also add play to the steering.) You should check for stuff like that before you assume its a steering box adjustment that is needed.

Now for me, I replaced mine for two reasons – 1. I had it off the car anyway because I was changing front beams, and 2. It was at the end of its adjustment on the top adjuster. It still worked OK without excessive play, but since I had it off, and had a new one available anyway, decided to put it on there.

When I had my box off of the car, I took a few pics of it next to the new one just for comparison. Here’s one of them, you can see the “top” adjuster at the top of the pic, the new box is on the left and there are a lot of threads showing above the lock nut. My old box on the right, the adjusting screw is about flush with the lock nut. And the “lower” adjustment happens to be staring right at you from the angle this picture was taken, that a giant Allen wrench is needed to turn the adjuster is pretty obvious! You can also see the plastic plug on the new style that is filled with grease, and the square-head metal filler plug on the original 1962 box that requires 90W hypoid oil. 

vw bug steering box

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August 17, 2022

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Jose’ would you say I have a plethora of patches?

Anyway, patch #12 or so is in, I’m definatelly getting better at fitting and welding.  There are 6 more patches to do then it is onto the front end for the frame head reconstruction.  Here is a picture of my last patch.

vw pan welded patch

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