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August 17, 2022

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Almost done up front, got the new master cylinder mount welded in.  I ended up cutting the main hole with the plasma cutter a bit small and grinding it out to fit.  I found a socket in my 3/4 set that matched the master cylinder diameter perfectly so I didn’t have to keep jamming the soft rubber boot in and out for test fitting.


I also got the wraps around the front where the beam mounts and got those drilled out with pilot holes.  Now that they are drilled I’ll take a large big and bore it out and insert a steel sleve int here for the bolt to go through.  Should end up being uber strong.

frame head side view

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August 17, 2022

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got all the metal on the frame head face. I “might” do a bit more grinding on it but maybe not. The sockets are in decent shape so I might just drill it out from the backside and paint it. I’m honestly getting pretty ready to put the car back together but am resisting the urge to hurry the rest.

frame head face progress

once again for reference here is the before shot:

Somehow I forgot to add the brake lines to the cip1 order so I still need to order those and pay more shipping dang.

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August 17, 2022

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some of the skinning of the frame head. The whole front will be skinned when done the middle sections are still waiting for skinning. Going to put a sleeve in the bottom mount hole since the threads are just gone…

frame head skinning

thumbnail of the before here :

I also got in the front firewall in the mail today. It was supposed to just be the lower section but it appears they sent the entire thing so hey I’m not complaining…. I ordered brake lines too but somehow i must have not gotten them on the order so I’ll have to order those soon so they are here when the pan is done being painted.

front firewall on pan

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