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August 17, 2022

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Had the day off today so decided to spend it outside. Why not 40 is warm enough to be in the driveway all day if the sun is up. I welded in what I decided was the last patch I was going to do on the pan around 10am. I had some brake line and a few other odds and ends still on the pan so started out by taking that stuff and the seat belts off.

Once everything was off I spent about an hour wire brushing everything by hand and hit it with the shop vac. After clean up I sprayed some zero rust pre treat on and let that air dry. While that was drying I got a cheeseburger, who says there’s no rest for the wicked?

There are several pictures today so I’m linking them in with thumbnails, click to see the biggie size.
Here is a picture after half of the pan is coated with zero rust.

pan paint 1 pan paint 2

Here are a couple shots of it once it has all been painted. It’s pretty dry already as it was fairly windy out so this is close to the final look. There are a few runs but it all gets carpet on it so I’m not overly concerned about that.

pan paint 3 pan paint 4

I’m hoping later in the weekend or next week to take it down to my neighbors to put it on his lift to paint the underside. If not its not that heavy I can tip it on the side in the garage and paint it that way if I need to.

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August 17, 2022

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got the front beam on the pan today and transfered the steering linkage off the old beam to the new one.  WOW those little cotter pins were a pain in the a** to get out.  Ended up drilling out two of them.  Was able to get everything back together so thankfully I didnt munge the threads beyond use.

The pan is stored under the body now so I can hopefully get the 912 back in the garage tomorrow.

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