awesome bay at the Lousville KL zoo

I took my daughter down to visit grandpa over the weekend and ran into this awesome bay window at the zoo. Appeared to be real solid. Super cool bus with lots of style.

Flora IN Hog Jog car show

Went to Flora Indiana today to run in a race (yes on foot) and there was a great hot rod show there along with the race activities. I took some pictures. Seeing a Ford GT in person was something else, wow nice car. 2007 Hog Jog car show pictures

back in the saddle

Wow i went to the garage last night and the body supports for the bug (last thing i worked on) had a spider web on them. Ok that’s a good sign that I haven’t been spending enough time in the garage latelly. I got all the tools cleaned up and over the weekend my wonderful … Read more

where do you wanna go today……

One of my mantras is “cars are for driving” I think I came to that conclusion one afternoon standing in the parking lot of our local import repair shop. I know it’s not rocket science but hey a man has to have some rules to live by doesn’t he? So the story goes something like … Read more