first frame head patch is in

Flipped the pan up on it’s side last night and welded in the first patch underneath the frame head so there is a base to work from and down to on the topside of the hat section. before: After: Some more pictures of the pan in its current state. Kind of neat having it flipped … Read more

parts ordering night

ordered some parts tonight: headlight rings, master cylinder, couple bus parts for single cab, brake lines, front firewall sheetmetal repair panel, j tubes, pan seal. 7-10 days….. Going to try and have the pan done this weekend depending on what we get into around the house.

new beam aquired

Drove and picked up the new beam last night. It was an 8 hour round trip but the beam is in great shape. No rust at all. A total rarity for the midwest. The below shock tower part of my old beam was totally gone from rust. This is the last major piece I needed … Read more

steering box adjustment

great post from glutamodo on thesamba i wanted to copy here for someday when I need it… Yes, VW “worm and roller” steering boxes are in fact adjustable. One adjustment is on top of the box, that’s the “roller” adjustment, and is accessed under the driver’s side inspection plate under the spare tire in the … Read more

patchwork quilting

Jose’ would you say I have a plethora of patches? Anyway, patch #12 or so is in, I’m definatelly getting better at fitting and welding.  There are 6 more patches to do then it is onto the front end for the frame head reconstruction.  Here is a picture of my last patch.