steering coupler revisited

Well, i fooled around with it for a few hours and got it all loose but couldn’t get enough clearance to pull the coupler and brackets out.  I ended up using the body saw to cut the rivets on half of the bracket.  I would highly recommend this tool to anyone that doesn’t have one.  … Read more

framehead rust

Worked some more on the steering coupler today. I wasn’t able to drive out the rivets yet even though i ground off both sides of it. I likely fused the metal worse from the heat of grinding the ends off. I might try drilling them out tomorrow or if i can find that a new … Read more

fuel tank removal

Didn’t have much time tonight but wanted to yank the fuel tank. Tip #1 Drain the tank of ALL gas before starting any of this The tank has 4 13mm bolts holding it in with clips and a wire or cable going to the fuel sending unit to tell you how much gas you have … Read more

engine out

I took the engine out. It wasn’t to bad really. I think the worst was that i had trouble getting the engine studs out of the transmission case after it was loose. I manged to munge up one of the studs a tad but nothing i can’t clean up with a nut threaded back on … Read more

Bug is the word

Well I’m tearing into a 77 standard (last year of the standards fyi…). It’s in decent shape except for a bit of rust in the frame head and top of front beam where the shock mounts. I started this blog for fun and to keep a catalog of my progress as a motivator. Hell if … Read more